External Ocular Photography and AOS Anterior Software

Topic: External Photos

Sponsor: Sparca

Updated: 06/01/2020


Advanced Ophthalmic Systems (AOS®) Anterior is a software system1 that analyzes images of the exterior part of the eye. The software aims to consistently grade redness of the cornea, conjunctiva, vessels, and eyelid using an automated objective grading scale. The results are accurate and repeatable to aid the clinician in diagnosing and treating the eye. A recent study demonstrated that the AOS Anterior resulted in higher repeatability and accuracy in grading redness than both the established Efron and CCLRU grading scales.2 Images can be captured directly with the companion software application or via a slit lamp adaptor which securely transfers these images to the AOS Anterior platform for analysis.
Reimbursement for external ocular photography depends on many factors, particularly medical necessity for the service, so the mere taking of images does not automatically support payment. A listing of commonly covered diagnosis codes is included in the Appendix.3 Software systems, such as AOS Anterior, are an incidental part of the technical component of the service and not separately reimbursed.