Medicare Reimbursement for Endothelial Cell Count

Topic: Endothelial Cell Count

Sponsor: Topcon Medical Systems

Updated: 07/01/2018

Topcon Healthcare

This FAQ addresses the following:

  1. Does Medicare cover endo-thelial cell count (ECC) performed with Topcon’s SP-1P specular microscope?
  2. What is Medicare’s coverage policy as noted in NCD 80.8?
  3. Are there any limitations on this policy?
  4. Are there additional indications besides those noted in Medicare’s NCD 80.8?
  5. Will ECC be reimbursed if performed on the same day as an eye exam or another diagnostic test?
  6. How should we document ECC in the medical record?
  7. How much does Medicare allow for this test?
  8. How often may this test be repeated on a patient?
  9. May we ever bill the patient directly for this test?