Medicare Reimbursement for Nidek MP-1S and MP-3 Microperimeter

Topic: Microperimetry

Sponsor: Nidek

Updated: 04/24/2018


This FAQ addresses the following:

  1. Does Medicare cover testing with the Nidek MP-1S and the MP-3 Microperimeter?
  2. What are the reimbursement rules for fundus photography?
  3. What code should we use to describe perimetry?
  4. What are the indications for perimetry?
  5. Does this NCD supersede my local policy if my Medicare contractor published something more detailed?
  6. Is perimetry covered for glaucoma suspect?
  7. What documentation is required in the chart for perimetry and fundus photography?
  8. How much does Medicare allow for these tests?
  9. Is the physician required to present while these tests are performed?
  10. What about bundles with other services?
  11. How often can these tests be repeated?