Medicare Reimbursement for Optical Coherence Biometry

Topic: Optical Coherence Biometry

Sponsor: Topcon Medical Systems

Updated: 02/01/2022

Topcon Healthcare

This FAQ addresses the following:

  1. Does Medicare pay for optical coherence biometry (OCB) using Topcon’s ALADDIN?
  2. What documentation is required in the medical record to support a claim for OCB?
  3. What CPT code describes OCB?
  4. For an initial test with OCB, what is the claim to Medicare?
  5. When a patient returns for second eye surgery, what then?
  6. Must the physician be present while this test is being performed?
  7. Will Medicare cover repeat testing?
  8. How frequently is OCB performed?
  9. How much does Medicare allow for this test?
  10. If we perform both OCB and A-scan biometry prior to cataract surgery with IOL, may we be reimbursed for both?