Reimbursement for Amniotic Tissue

Topic: Amniotic Membrane

Sponsor: Integra

Updated: 01/01/2018


This FAQ addresses the following:

  1. What is BioDOptix® and how is it used in eye care?
  2. What CPT code describes application of BioDOptix® on the ocular surface?
  3. Does Medicare cover placement of an amniotic tissue allograft?
  4. What is the Medicare allowed amount for 65778?
  5. Does Medicare pay for the supply of the amniotic tissue separately?
  6. What does Medicare allow as a facility fee for 65778?
  7. What is the postoperative surgical period for 65778?
  8. How am I reimbursed for using amniotic tissue during the postoperative period of another procedure?
  9. How is amniotic tissue reimbursed when used after refractive surgery?