Reimbursement for Heterochromatic Flicker Photometry

Topic: Heterochromatic Flicker Photometry

Sponsor: ZeaVision

Updated: 06/26/2018


This FAQ addresses the following:

  1. What is heterochromatic flicker photometry (HFP)?
  2. How does HFP work?
  3. Who is a candidate for HFP?
  4. What CPT code do we use to report measurement of MPOD?
  5. What is the Medicare allowed amount for 0506T?
  6. Does measurement of MPOD have a global surgery period?
  7. Where is this test performed?
  8. What about repeat HFP testing?
  9. What does “interpretation and report” require for HFP?
  10. How do I document patient acknowledgement of financial responsibility?