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Reimbursement for Lasering Vitreous Floaters

Topic: Laser Vitreous Floaters

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Updated: 09/03/2021

Corcoran Consulting Group

When a floater is significant, limiting vision and compromising the patient’s ability to function, surgical treatment may have merit.  That is the exception and not the rule. One published article indicates most floaters require no treatment other than patient reassurance.

Lasering vitreous floaters may be a successful treatment. A 2002 article described moderate improvements in fewer than 40% of those treated with YAG laser. A recent article described higher success rates. There is also a published book on the subject which references a formal study completed in March 2005.

This FAQ addresses the following:

  1. What is the medical rationale for treating vitreous floaters?
  2. Is laser treatment of vitreous floaters successful?
  3. What factors argue in favor of lasering vitreous floaters?
  4. Is this procedure reimbursed by third party payers?
  5. How is lasering vitreous floaters coded in CPT?
  6. What are the payment rates for CPT 67031?
  7. What must billers know about unlisted procedure codes (67299)?
  8. How frequently is laser vitreolysis performed?
  9. Does laser treatment of vitreous floaters require a specific FDA approval for the laser?
  10. If coverage of laser treatment of vitreous floaters is unlikely or uncertain, how should we proceed?