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Reimbursement for Quantitative Sensorimotor Examinations

Topic: Sensorimotor Exam

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Updated: 01/01/2022

Corcoran Consulting Group

A basic sensorimotor exam evaluates ocular range of motion to determine if the eyes move together in the various cardinal positions of gaze…  A quantitative sensorimotor examination, utilizing prisms to measure ocular deviation, is a more extensive exam and may sometimes be separately billable.

This FAQ addresses the following:

  1. What is a sensorimotor exam?
  2. What diagnoses support claims for this diagnostic test?
  3. Are there any additional guidelines for this test?
  4. What CPT code describes a quantitative sensorimotor exam?
  5. Who performs quantitative sensorimotor examinations?
  6. What is the reimbursement for CPT 92060?
  7. How frequently may this test be performed?
  8. What is the significance of the “separate procedure” designation in CPT?