Reimbursement for TECNIS Symfony® TORIC IOL

Topic: Presbyoptic TORIC IOL

Sponsor: Abbott Medical Optics

Updated: 08/19/2016

Abbott Medical Optics

This FAQ addresses the following:

  1. What is the Abbott TECNIS Symfony® Toric IOL?
  2. Does Medicare differentiate between EDOF and conventional IOLs for reimbursement purposes?
  3. Are there other noncovered expenses associated with presbyopia-correcting IOLs?
  4. How should we tell Medicare beneficiaries about the noncovered charges associated with an EDOF IOL?
  5. Are specific codes assigned and reported to Medicare or other payers to describe the noncovered items or services?
  6. How does the facility report the upgrade lens charge for a combined P-C and A-C IOL on a claim form?
  7. Is it necessary to segregate the ASC charges from the surgeon’s charges?