Reimbursement for the M&S Melbourne Rapid Fields

Topic: Visual Fields

Sponsor: M&S Technologies

Updated: 02/16/2021

M&S Technologies

This FAQ addresses the following:

  1. What is the M&S Melbourne Rapid Fields (MRF) test?
  2. Does Medicare cover computerized visual field testing?
  3. Does NCD §80.9 supersede information in a LCD?
  4. Since the MRF runs on a laptop, are there other benefits?
  5. What CPT codes describe visual field testing with the MRF?
  6. When the patient performs the test at home, how is it billed?
  7. What documentation is required in the medical record?
  8. How frequently may I perform diagnostic testing with the M&S Melbourne Rapid Fields?
  9. How much does Medicare allow for these tests, and are there limits on billing with other services?