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Reimbursement of Therapeutic Bandage Contact Lenses

Topic: Bandage Contact Lenses

Sponsor: Corcoran Consulting Group

Updated: 01/01/2022

Corcoran Consulting Group

Most contact lenses (CLs) are designed to correct refractive errors.  A therapeutic CL is used as a bandage and to promote healing as in cases of ocular surface disease – providing good vision is not a significant consideration.

This FAQ addresses the following:

  1. How do therapeutic contact lenses differ from other contact lenses?
  2. Is fitting a therapeutic CL covered by Medicare and other third party payers?
  3. How are the charges for a therapeutic fitting and the associated CL identified on a claim for reimbursement?
  4. What is Medicare’s allowed amount for CPT code 92071?
  5. Does Medicare limit how frequently this charge may be made?
  6. May a therapeutic CL be provided by a technician when the physician is not present?
  7. May any contact lens be used as a therapeutic CL?
  8. Is payment made for therapeutic CLs dispensed in the post-operative period of surgery?