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Our Alert Newsletter is a published quarterly and features articles on current billing, coding, and reimbursement topics. Each issue includes three or more articles of interest to ophthalmologists, optometrists and staff members. The featured article discusses a new or challenging issue applicable to most ophthalmologists and some optometrists. The other articles provide practical advice on a relevant topic and address primary care vision services. In addition, the newsletters frequently include short announcements of other important news items.

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Summer 2024 Alert NewsletterWhere Does MIGS Reimbursement Stand?, Medicare as a Secondary Payor, Billing Ophthalmic Injections and Drugs, OAS CAHPS Survey Mandatory for ASCs January 1, 2025Volume 27: No. 2
Spring 2024 Alert NewsletterUpdate on Evaluation and Management Services, Billing Refractions, Defining +G2211 for EyecareVolume 27: No. 1
Winter 2023 Alert NewsletterWhat’s New in 2024?, The ASC and Unlisted Procedure Codes, Amniotic Membrane, Using Modifier -24Volume 26: No. 4
Fall 2023 Alert NewsletterCo-management, Billing for Samples, MA Plans vs Traditional MedicareVolume 26: No. 3
Summer 2023 Alert NewsletterMedicare and Your Family, Evolution of Glaucoma Surgery, Stark Law and Health ServicesVolume 26: No. 2
Spring 2023 Alert NewsletterRemote Services, Coding for Strabismus Surgery, Minor Surgery Documentation, Medical Insurance Vs Vision Plans, Billing for Concurrent CareVolume 26: No. 1
Winter 2022 Alert NewsletterWhat’s New in 2023?, Pseudophakic Monovision, The Impact of 21st Century Cures Act, Coding Update for GoniotomyVolume 25: No. 4
Fall 2022 Alert NewsletterRenewed Audits Post COVID, Coding Minor Surgery for Lesions, Managing Dry Eye DiseaseVolume 25: No. 3
Summer 2022 Alert NewsletterReasonable and Necessary, Current Concepts of MIGS Coding, Office-Based SurgeryVolume 25: No. 2
Spring 2022 Alert NewsletterResource Use in MIPS for 2022, New Medical Treatments for Retinal Disease, Impact of the No Surprises Act, Vuity, Eye Drop of the Future?Volume 25: No. 1
Winter 2021 Alert NewsletterWhat’s New in 2022?, Billing Considerations of an Incomplete Procedure, Consolidated Billing ReportsVolume 24: No. 4
Fall 2021 Alert NewsletterCan I Bill A Service During The Global Period?, Bundled Services, TearScience® LipiFlow® FAQVolume 24: No. 3
Summer 2021 Alert NewsletterLight Adujstable IOLs, Exam Prior To Second Cataract Surgery, Unlisted Procedure CodesVolume 24: No. 2
Spring 2021 Alert NewsletterHome Testing, 2021 Changes on Eye Exams, Retinal Imaging, Myopia ControlVolume 24: No. 1
Winter 2020 Alert NewsletterWhat’s New in 2021?, Prolonged Services in 2021, To Dilate or Not To Dilate?Volume 23: No. 4
Fall 2020 Alert NewsletterPractical Telemedicine, DURYSTA, An Efficient Compliance Plan, Changes on Eye ExamsVolume 23: No. 3
Summer 2020 Alert Newsletter2021 Evaluation and Management Revisions, Compounded Drugs, New Category III Codes for Trabeculostomys, Approach to Practice ValuationVolume 23: No. 2
Special Edition 2020 Alert NewsletterBilling Telemedicine in the Era of COVID-19Volume 23: Special Edition
Spring 2020 Alert NewsletterWho is the Client?, Challenges of Add-On Codes, Telemedicine, New Iris Prosthesis Category III, Adhering to a Defined Standard of Care, What Makes a Patient New?Volume 23: No. 1
Winter 2019 Alert NewsletterWhat’s New in 2020?, Remote Physiologic Monitoring, It’s All About Efficiency, Codes for Extended OphthalmoscopyVolume 22: No. 4
Fall 2019 Alert Newsletter Evolving Laser Trabeculoplasty, Expanding Your Cataract Surgery PracticeVolume 22: No. 3
Summer 2019 Alert NewsletterCMS’s New Cataract Episode Measure, Responding to a Visit from the FBI, Billing Canaloplasty With Goniotomy, Corcoran’s Practice Improvement Team, Patients Over Paperwork: Where Do We Stand in 2019, Virtual VisitsVolume 22: No. 2
Spring 2019 Alert NewsletterWhat’s New in 2019?, Lasering Floaters, MIPS Payment Adjustment ChallengesVolume 22: No. 1
Winter 2018 Alert NewsletterPatients Over Paperwork, Ivantis Hydrus® Microstent, Reimbursement for a New PhysicianVolume 21: No. 4
Fall 2018 Alert NewsletterTelemedicine, Treatment for Blepharitis, New Medicare CardsVolume 21: No. 3
Summer 2018 Alert NewsletterWhistleblower, Compounding Pharmacies, Expanded Use of Punctal Plugs, Contact Lenses in KeratoconusVolume 21: No. 2
Spring 2018 Alert NewsletterModifiers Modifiers, Complex Cataract Surgery, Borrowed Equipment, Testing for Dry Eye DiseaseVolume 21: No. 1
Winter 2017 Alert NewsletterWhat’s New in 2018?, Glaucoma Staging and Claims, Professional CourtesyVolume 20: No. 4
Fall 2017 Alert NewsletterCMS 2018 MIPS Update, Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking, Autologous Serum Eye Drops, Concurrent Retinal ImagingVolume 20: No. 3
Summer 2017 Alert NewsletterCoding for Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery, Billing Update for Ophthalmic Lasers, Reporting Postop Visits With 99024, Self-TonometryVolume 20: No. 2
Spring 2017 Alert NewsletterBilling OCT Angiography, Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty, Cataract Surgery Reimbursement, Wavefront AberrometryVolume 20: No. 1
Winter 2016 Alert NewsletterWhat’s New in 2017?, CMS’ Quality Payment Program, What’s Next for ICD-10?, OIG Exclusion List, Who Pays for Normal TestsVolume 19: No. 4
Fall 2016 Alert NewsletterSelf-Identified Overpayments, Medicare Advantage Plans, Blepharoplasty, Can I Borrow Your Tester?Volume 19: No. 3
Summer 2016 Alert NewsletterCompounded Medications, Endoscopy in Ophthalmology, Place of ServiceVolume 19: No. 2
Spring 2016 Alert NewsletterThe Status of Glaucoma Surgery, Coding for Eye Exams Using Eye Codes (920xx), PROKERA®, Identifying New PatientsVolume 19: No. 1
Winter 2015 Alert NewsletterWhat’s New in 2016?, Orders for Diagnostic TestsVolume 18: No. 4
Fall 2015 Alert NewsletterCo-Management: What’s New?, Lacrimal Drug Eluting Implant, Extended Ophthalmoscopy, Corneal HysteresisVolume 18: No. 3
Summer 2015 Alert NewsletterRisk Adjustment Audits, Comparative Billing Reports, BlephEx Treatment of Blepharitis, Billing for AutofluorescenceVolume 18: No. 2
Spring 2015 Alert NewsletterValue Based Payment Modifier, New X Modifiers for 2015, Scanning Laser Fundus PhotographyVolume 18: No. 1
Winter 2014 Alert NewsletterWhat’s New in 2015?, Omidria In Cataract Surgery, Perisurgical Care and TreatmentVolume 17: No. 4
Fall 2014 Alert NewsletterThe Medicare Physician Data Release, Corneal Collagen Cross-Linkin, Appreciating the Chief ComplaintVolume 17: No. 3
Special Edition 2014 Alert NewsletterMedicare Meaningful Use in 2014Volume 17: Special Edition
Summer 2014 Alert NewsletterBlepharoplasty and Recovery Audit Contractors, ICD-10-CM Delayed Again, Color Vision TestingVolume 17: No. 2
Spring 2014 Alert NewsletterBest Practices for Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery, 24 Hour Intraocular Pressure Monitoring, HIPAA Security RisksVolume 17: No. 1
Winter 2013 Alert NewsletterWhat’s New in 2014?, Accountable Care Organizations, Ultrasonic BiomicroscopyVolume 16: No. 4
Fall 2013 Alert NewsletterMedical Decision Making in E/M Coding, Orthoptist: Specialized Physician Extender, Genetic TestingVolume 16: No. 3
Summer 2013 Alert NewsletterEmbezzlement: Detection and Prevention, Visual Evoked Potential Testing, Medically Unlikely EditsVolume 16: No. 2
Spring 2013 Alert NewsletterAstigmatism Correction with Cataract Surgery, Meibomian Gland Dysfunction and Treatment, Unintended Consequences of Electronic Health RecordsVolume 16: No. 1
Winter 2012 Alert NewsletterWhat’s New in 2013?, Femtosecond Laser-Assisted Keratoplasty, Reimbursement for Injections During PostopVolume 15: No. 4
Fall 2012 Alert NewsletterMeaningful Use – Part 2, New Tests and Treatments for Dry Eye, Interpretation and Report: What’s it Mean?Volume 15: No. 3
Summer 2012 Alert NewsletterIn Health Information Technology, What’s “Meaningful Use”, ASCs Quality Measures, Wavefront Aberrometry In Eye CareVolume 15: No. 2
Spring 2012 Alert NewsletterKeratoconus, Telehealth with Fundus Photography, New PatientsVolume 15: No. 1
Winter 2011 Alert NewsletterWhat’s New in 2012?, Are you ready for 5010 and ICD-10-CM?, Using Modifier -24Volume 14: No. 4
Fall 2011 Alert NewsletterHow much are You Underpaid?, Plaquenil Update, Internal Chart Review, Beyond Payment Rates: MPFS IndicatorsVolume 14: No. 3
Summer 2011 Alert NewsletterPhysician Extenders, ICD-10 , Refractive Cataract Surgery, Revision to Corcoran’s Office Visit Matrix, Reimbursement for SCODI-AVolume 14: No. 2
Spring 2011 Alert NewsletterRefractive Cataract Surgery with Femtosecond Laser, Pre-Operative Testing, Coping With An OverpaymentVolume 14: No. 1
Winter 2010 Alert NewsletterMedicare’s View of Clinical Trials, What’s New in 2011?, Medical Record Documentation by ScribesVolume 13: No. 4
Fall 2010 Alert NewsletterZealous Regulators, It’s Time to Get Out of Medicare’s DMEPOS Program, Use and Abuse of Modifier-59Volume 13: No. 3
Summer 2010 Alert NewsletterCoding for Grafts, Noncovered Pre-Operative Testing, Understanding Informed Consent, Signature GuidelinesVolume 13: No. 2
Spring 2010 Alert NewsletterHealth Information Technology, Complications Associated With Premium IOLs: Who Pays?, Consultations Eliminated: What Now?Volume 13: No. 1
Winter 2009 Alert NewsletterWhat’s New in 2010?, ABN ChallengeVolume 12: No. 4
Fall 2009 Alert NewsletterDry Eye, Gabriele Tragedy Following Fraud Indictment, Use and Abuse of Modifier-25, Two New Rules – HIPAA and Red FlagsVolume 12: No. 3
Summer 2009 Alert NewsletterNew Glaucoma Surgeries, Ophthalmic Lasers, Repeated Visual Field Testing, Medicare Surety Bond for Optical DispensariesVolume 12: No. 2
Spring 2009 Alert NewsletterImaging the Anterior Segment, Oculoplastic Surgery: Cosmetic or Reconstructive?, For Sale: Great Practice for the Right Doc!Volume 12: No. 1
Winter 2008 Alert NewsletterWhat’s New in 2009?, Locum Tenens, An Ounce of PreventionVolume 11: No. 5
Special Edition 2008 Alert NewsletterIs it time to reconsider your participation in Medicare?Volume 11: No. 4 Special Edition
Fall 2008 Alert NewsletterPseudophakic Monovision, Lumps and Bumps, PQRI – The Results are in, Billing for Concurrent CareVolume 11: No. 3
Summer 2008 Alert NewsletterAncillary Care for Deluxe IOLs, High Hurdle: DMEPOS Accreditation, Coding Eye Exams: Clearing Up The ConfusionVolume 11: No. 2
Spring 2008 Alert NewsletterCMS’ New Payment System for ASCs, Removal of Punctum Plugs, Uninsured and Indigent PatientsVolume 11: No. 1
Winter 2007 Alert NewsletterWhat’s New in 2008?, Contrast Sensitivity Testing, Glaucoma Drainage DevicesVolume 10: No. 4
Fall 2007 Alert NewsletterBuilding the Foundation – History Taking, Medical Decision Making, Corneal TopographyVolume 10: No. 3
Summer 2007 Alert NewsletterReimbursement Considerations for DSEK and DLEK, Corneal Hysteresis, Rewards and Challenges Posed by Non-Mydriatic PhotographyVolume 10: No. 2
Spring 2007 Alert NewsletterConfusing Cataract Cases, FAQ – Toric IOLs, Lucentis vs Avastin – Who Pays?, Preferential Hyperacuity PerimetryVolume 10: No. 1
Winter 2006 Alert NewsletterWhat’s New in 2007?, Addressing Astigmatism Adds Value, A Credentialing PrimerVolume 09: No. 4
Fall 2006 Alert NewsletterStumbling Over Office Visits, Co-Management of Refractive Cataract Surgery with P-C IOLsVolume 09: No. 3
Summer 2006 Alert NewsletterNew Technology IOLs: Next up, Tecnis®, Consultations RevisitedVolume 09: No. 2
Spring 2006 Alert NewsletterElectronic Medical Records – Why? Why Not?, Getting a Jump on AMDVolume 09: No. 1
Winter 2005 Alert NewsletterManaging Contact LensesVolume 08: No. 4
Fall 2005 Alert NewsletterHandling Claim Rejection, Getting a Chief ComplaintVolume 08: No. 3
Summer 2005 Alert NewsletterPresbyopia-Correcting IOLs, Frequently Asked Questions About Minor ProceduresVolume 08: No. 2
Spring 2005 Alert NewsletterAll About AMD, Getting ICD-9 Codes RightVolume 08: No. 1
Winter 2004 Alert NewsletterWhat’s New in 2005?, DMERC UpdateVolume 07: No. 4
Fall 2004 Alert NewsletterNew Twist on Tests , Dealing with Accounts Receivable – Case StudyVolume 07: No. 3
Summer 2004 Alert NewsletterUse and Misuse of Modifier -25, Consultations – A RefresherVolume 07: No. 2
Spring 2004 Alert NewsletterPhysician Fee Schedules, RefractionsVolume 07: No. 1