Screening Testing with SCODI

Topic: SCODI

Sponsor: ZEISS

Updated: 01/01/2017


This FAQ addresses the following:

  1. What do ZEISS’ CIRRUS™ HD-OCT and CIRRUS photo instruments do?
  2. What reimbursement issues affect the use of SCODI for screening?
  3. When a physician uses SCODI for screening consenting patients, who is responsible for payment?
  4. How are non-covered well-vision tests differentiated from covered diagnostic tests?
  5. If the OCT scan reveals pathology and additional tests are ordered, would they be covered?
  6. What should we tell patients about an OCT scan?
  7. If we use a financial waiver form, what form do we ask the patient to sign?
  8. What documentation is required in the patient’s medical record?
  9. How should we track the SCODI (OCT) screening scan in our billing system?
  10. May we repeat the SCODI (OCT) screening test?