Surgical Correction of Corneal Astigmatism

Topic: SCOCA

Sponsor: Precision Lens

Updated: 10/26/2022

Precision Lens

This FAQ addresses the following:

  1. What options are available for the correction of corneal astigmatism?
  2. Does Medicare cover surgery to correct corneal astigmatism?
  3. Does Medicare specify the amount of surgically induced astigmatism that must be present to be covered?
  4. If the payer determines that SCOCA is covered, how should the procedure be coded?
  5. Why doesn’t Medicare cover procedures to correct astigmatism?
  6. Are special tests required prior to SCOCA? Are they covered and paid?
  7. How do we codify refractive surgical procedures for correction of pre-existing regular astigmatism?
  8. If coverage of SCOCA is unlikely or uncertain, how should we proceed?
  9. A few insurers cover refractive surgery but pay poorly. How can we get improved payment?