★ Premium Webinar

The Radical Impact of Reimbursement on Practice Valuation

Duration: 34:09

Both buyers and sellers of ophthalmology practices typically rely on financial statements as a means to value a practice – whether acquiring, selling, buying-in, or merging.  However, this approach often overlooks hidden assets and other factors that can radically alter the appraisal.  In this webinar, we discuss some of the essential risk factors and the objective benchmarks in valuing a practice before you buy or sell.  Can you calculate a first order estimate of the value of an ophthalmology practice?  Do you know the appropriate value to place on goodwill?  You will have a better idea if you attend this webinar.  Whether you are a novice or an expert at practice valuation, you will pick up some pearls as we share our experience with chart audits and utilization analyses that alter the expected value of an ophthalmology practice.